Nijmegen is one of the most vivid, progressive cities in the Netherlands, and it has a lively polyamory community.

PolyamorieNijmegen.org is an active community for people who like to discuss polyamory, non-monogamy and other forms of alternative relationship styles. We organize meetings, picknicks and drinks and maintain contacts with local talk- and support groups. There is no membership fee, our activities are open to all interested parties.

Our meetings are visited by people with a wide range of experiences in the field of polyamory. Some are just curious about the subject, some are at the verge of taking their first steps into custom-designed relationships, and yet others have been active for many years. Together we share a wealth of experiences and opinions.

PolyamorieNijmegen.org organises frequent activities, including:
– English-language talk- and support groups
– Dutch-languange talk- and support groups
– Drinks, picknicks and other leisure activities

The English Language talking group is aimed at anyone who speaks English. This includes exchange students, international expats and people with English-speaking partner(s). For more information about the English Language Talking Group, visit polyamorynijmegen.nl.

Our generic public Facebook-page is the place where the activities of all groups will be announced. To join the English Language Facebook group, send us a message.